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The more time you invest in sales conversations, the more deals you can win. Summarizing a sales pitch, updating CRM, onboarding new employees, coaching existing employees - all of this is time-consuming. But essential at the same time. Imagine these tasks being done for you automatically. That's exactly what Unique does - and much more!

Unique’s AI-driven sales platform records and analyses sales conversations delivering real-time insights and coaching to sales teams helping them win more deals. It helps sales people and customers understand each other better and build deeper, more meaningful relationships. 


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Streamline your calls with meeting structure


Real-time coaching during each call including a checklist to help you not forget a topic you want to talk about during each meeting. No more time-consuming administrative tasks after a call. Unique updates the CRM automatically with an automated call summary after each call so you can focus on closing more deals.


Increase your sales efficiency with signals and topics


Unique captures key moments during every call. Signals automatically capture essential information like competitors mentioned, and the topics structure your call with AI. This provides a deep understanding of customer needs and helps building long-lasting partnerships.

Coaching Room

Upskill your sales team with coaching rooms


Personalised and ongoing coaching from Manager and peers significantly reduces onboarding time for new employees. Highlight, comment and share key moments of a call with your team to get feedback, identify best practices, improve your sales calls and close more deals.

Learn how Yokoy boosts Sales Onboarding with Unique

"We need to onboard new team members and to ensure that we keep the onboarding quality high and that we hit the quota. Unique's AI insights help us do this by acting as a real-time coach for our teams. In addition, Uninque updates our CRM automatically which means that our sales team has no manual follow-up work to do."


Lars Mangelsdorf, Co-Founder and CCO of Yokoy

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